Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just a little Fishing report

Ok everybody so here's the deal. Ive been on the river guiding the past few day and haven't had a chance to to a daily report for some of my trips yet but I wanted to start mixing it up a bit. The flows on the Little Red have not been all bad, The cfs flows have not matched what the projected schedule says. Its been a little all over the board but we have been smacking fish on streamers and nymph rigs. Nymph rigs have been showing us several browns every day as well. The Corps is telling us that as soon as they get Norfork's Generators back on line our flows will decrease even more. That was said to happen as early as the first week of June...All that being said June is looking like a solid month for us...We still have a few great spots open but they are going quickly. I am starting to pick off a few fish on foam flies in a few sneaky spots even in the biggest of flows. If your coming over to fish this month and are not fishing with a guide. Do remember the water is liable to change very quickly as how we are still over power pool the schedule is not to be trusted. I would suggest having one person fish and one person control the boat...Don't forget you San Juan's in various colors. Worm browns and Natural colors work great in the clear water...Ive got a few Dry Run Creek trips in lately and have one coming up this weekend. If your wanting to get your kid into fishing...this is the spot to get them hooked. Good luck and good fishing folks!

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