Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sow Buggin'

So on The Little Red River one of the most important bugs to have in your box is truly the sow bug. Ive caught many extremely large fish on the little juicy protein nuggets. The sow bug holds his magic all year long. Ive seen many different patterns that people call a Sow bug, but very few actually look like a Sow bug and work like a true Sow bug pattern. When I first started guiding for Jamie he held great pride in his Sow Bug. He forced me to study the actual bug and tie up varieties of my own, after many efforts I was finally able to come up with the perfect match. Now after several year of cranking out thousands of sow bugs from behind the vice Pappa Rouse leaked another one of his secret stash flies to Orvis. The Rouse's JDUB Sow bug. I'm not going to tell you that you cant find any other sow bugs patterns out there that work but this fly was passed down to Jamie 18 years ago when first started guiding. He has now perfected it into the perfect Little Red River sow bug and I can assure if it is fished correctly it is a deadly dude!

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