Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cliff and Mandy Part II

Yesterday I took Cliff and Mandy back out for day two of fishing. We had conditions similar to Friday so we started off with a similar plan. Catch a few fish on nymphs and get the monkey off our back, then move to streamers. The Nymph bite started off pretty strong and so we decided to quickly move into chucking meat in hopes to turn another "PB". We had a few good whacks and some good chases. Landed a couple but the bite slowed down. We then picked the nymphs back up and Mandy straight up dominated with three awesome rainbows  with back to back casts! The water finally started climbing up on us so we made the switch back to streamers. It was kinda slow, the sun had crept back out, and  the fish were being shy. I told them to make a few more casts before we had to make the trip back to the ramp and BAM! Cliff hooked up with yet another "PB" as his last cast! It was a great way to wrap up another stellar couple of days fly fishing on the Little Red River!

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