Sunday, January 13, 2013


Yesterday I fished with two Memphians, Dollar and Nate. The boys wanted to toss streamers around and with no flow again on the Red we made the drive up to the Fork. The drive up the weather was amazing. Once we got on the water...the bottom fell out. It freaking poured on us all day long. The fishing was good. We worked on some new techniques and landed as well as saw some awesome fish. The boys stayed committed to the streamer game and we rewarded. The real treat for me was at the end of the float we moved a 10 plus pound fish and forced him to eat..unfortunately we did  not land him but it was still an amazing thing to see!

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  1. Nice work Matt, as long as it isn't to cold and there is no lightening fishing in the rain is one of my favorite times to fish. Would have loved to see yall boat that 10 lber