Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Clint "lacey"

Saturday I took Clint Lucy fishing. We had received a good bit of rain the night before and I was hoping the Corps would give us a window of low water. They didn't. A little over one generator ran around the clock and on top of that, we had 25 mile per hour gusts blowing us around. We tried a few different spots and picked up a few fish in all of them, but it sure was hard. That seemed to be the common theme when we talked to people. Clint did manage to catch his first chain pickerel, which he was pretty excited about. We ended up having lunch and a cream soda, calling it quits at a half day. The last fish Clint caught, we both got super excited about. Clint looked at me and said "some days, size just doesn't matter." It was a good day on the water none the less.

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