Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Times

Saturday the Corps had a little less than one generator projected all day. When I got to Lobo to pick up my clients, it was more like two generators. The guys wanted to buck up and throw big streamers in search of big fish. They fish just wouldn't act right though! We tried hard but they just wouldn't move for us, so we ran a little bit up river and got out some down and dirty nymph rigs and started turning fish immediately. In fact, I think the first three fish we caught on Nymphs were browns! We continued to pick on some rainbows and it turned out to be a great day! After I dropped the guys off at the ramp my friend Hays and I set off up river to do a little fishing. We got the streamer rods back out and fished the last few hours of daylight and caught several nice fish. I guess that's just how it goes sometimes. Hays and I fished again the next day and We came up with a lot of the same results; not many fish willing to eat streamers, but lots of fish who wanted to munch on some nymphs...I guess the sun don't shine on the same dog's ass everyday.