Friday, March 12, 2010

It just keeps getting Better

Spring is my favorite time to be on the water. The fishing is excellent,the weather is usually excellent and new life is just blooming all around you. This year we have had a hard couple of months, starting in the fall with our weather and water. Saturday I had planned on taking John and his Son Dan to chuck streamers in pursuit of the big browns, but due to the massive storm we had move through on Friday night, the river was blown out! Instead we launched at the Dam, nymph rigs ready. The fishing was fantastic. The water was low and we caught more healthy rainbows than I have seen in Months. I mean it was awesome! I felt like I was catching rainbows that didn't belong in our river. They all had pink gill plates, a defined red stripe down their side, and had all of their pectoral fins! We caught several 16 and 17" rainbows, as well as some nice browns. We also caught a tagged Brown which was very cool. I think each day I have been on the water, the fishing just keeps getting better and I am looking forward to a great spring!

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