Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Big Blitz, Big Fish!

This morning Amy and I set out again in search of some big Hybrids. We had a bit of an overcast sky, which usually helps the fishing. It didn't take us long to get into a school of feeding fish. It was on like Donkey Kong! We were both catching fish left and right! Among the Hybrids and White's we caught a couple Large Mouth in the mix too! Again, we had these fish all to ourselves today. We saw several other boats chasing fish but no one seemed to be getting into any action like we did! I'm not sure how many fish we caught this morning but well over 20.. maybe 25. The last fish of the day had taken me to my backing twice on a 7 weight. On the final run he broke me off. I never got a look at him, but to break 16 pound line he had to be big! It just keeps getting better...If I were you I wouldn't miss out on this action. Come get it while the getting is good!

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