Friday, March 16, 2012

Small Dude and Monster Trout!

On Monday I got to take out Will Maiden. John and Will fish with me often and are both great anglers. The rain's we got over the weekend put the Little Red in the dumper, so on Monday we decided to take young Will up to Dry Run Creek. Will did great! He worked lots of magic. He probably landed 70 fish and several super nice fish! I'm Super proud of my little buddy. Will has been fishing with me for a couple of years now and is just 11. Tuesday, the Little Red was still in poor shape but we decided to fish it anyway. It was hard. It was flowing over 7,400 cfs. We did manage to scrape out a few fish and got a few tugs but we had to work super hard for them.

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  1. Great couple of write ups Matt on Dry Run.

    Love the blog. Got your message on the Juan this summer.

    Lets make it happen.