Monday, May 14, 2012

B-Rad is Back

On Friday I got the chance to fish with Brad again. The first time he came it was his first cold water river trout fishing trip. We wanted to fish the Red but she was blown out and so we fished the White River. Friday, the Little Red was low so we decided to go get our feet wet. I tried to keep Brad on his game. We fished some streamers, we did some midge fishing, and we did some nymphing. We waded, we drifted, we did it all. Brad landed some nice fish and got the chance to put his eyes on a few really nice fish. We were not able to make them eat, but it was nice to see them turn on our fly. Brad's game has improved a lot and he did well on the extremely technical low water we had to work with. Here is a cool photo of one of the nice rainbows he landed!

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