Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little Red's status update

The Little Red is fishing good. Afternoon squirts of water are keeping the river cool. Most of the caddis are done but we are seeing some larger mayflies in select locations. Midges play a crucial part of the fish's diet. Blue winged Olives have been coming off heavy in the evenings and fish are willing to eat the adults. Size 18 are average but some are larger. Wade fishing has been great and drifting in the low flow can be very productive for anglers who can be a little stealthy. Afternoon generation makes for some awesome fishing on the upper river...If you think you may want to experience something a little different than you need to let me know. I can tailor your trip around the evening water...no boats, more bugs and great temps! Here is a solid brown who gulped a streamer tonight!  He was one of about 15 that ate in the 2 hours we fished!

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