Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trip of a lifetime!

Sunday was the trip of a lifetime for me...I got the chance to guide Chip and Hayden Butrick. The bite was not incredible but we caught fish! At times we would get on a roll and catch several in a row, then it would slow down. The experience was awesome though, at least for me. Chip and his son Hayden who had  special needs were two of the most amazing people to hang out with! Hayden and I became engaged in conversation all day about his favorite things and places. That conversation would consist of talk about John Deer tractors, Mom's farm, Hard Rock Cafe, Potato skins, Anaconda, and trains. It touched my heart to watch Chip be so patient. I don't think Chip Hooked a fish that he didn't let his son bring to the boat. Maybe one... and that was because Hayden wanted to net it. Look at the smiles in these pics of both Men. They are priceless. It was a bummer we had to work so hard for the fish that day but in the end its not always about the number of fish boated that make a trip a trip of a lifetime...At least not for the guy rowing the boat!

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