Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BRO....In Law

yesterday Tony and I ran a group trip. We took out my brother in law Lewis and a few of his pals. It was pretty much a magical day. It was a crazy weird water schedule. A generator went off line at 8 am, and then the flood gates came on shortly after. Brown trout were on the move. We didn't see any monsters but just deep water nymph fishing was bringing out gobs of healthy beautiful fish. I imagine by the time the day was over the boys had caught around 90 fish and probably 30 or 35 browns. Certainly not the results I was expecting for the crazy change in water flow!

1 comment:

  1. Matt,
    It was an awesome trip all around. I really appreciate the introduction into the fly fishing world. I cannot wait to make another trip to the Little Red.

    BTW.. You are a way better guide than your brother-in-law. We caught more fish with you in the first 2 mins. – Bettis