Friday, March 15, 2013

Torpedo Rainbows!

Yesterday Was one of those days that just everything seems to fall right into place. I guided Sharon and Ray Hyde for the first time and they are just awesome people. We had a few challenges with the high water but they got the rig figured out pretty quickly and just absolutely crushed it. We caught gobs of super nice torpedo rainbows that were just straight up screamers. The Little Red is closing three flood gates today at noon to have only 3 open. That will be about as perfect of a flow as you can get. Spring dates are filling up quickly so do not miss the chance to fish this spring because its looking like its going to be on fire!

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  1. It was 34 degrees when we crawled into the boat with Matt. A thin sheet of ice covered the floor of the boat. But Matt made sure everything quickly heated up. Browns in the early morning followed by these torpedo rainbows in the afternoon. We figured to be real novices in trout fishing but Matt enabled us to land around 60 fish. And we hooked many more that never made it into the boat. It was a "Bucket List" day thanks to Matt. Our #1 fishing guide from this day on!!! Can't wait to fish with you again!!