Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ok, so today was unbelievable. I took two guys out. One of the guys Steve, had never been fly fishing and the other guy Bill, had been a few times. It was one of those days that the fish did everything but jump in the boat. After a long rainy, muddy weekend it was like fishing a completely different river. We had doubles going all day! It was out of control. It was a group trip with Jamie and his boat was exactly the same way. We fished several spots extremely hard and it just seemed like the fish never quit. Days like this on the Little Red River are awesome. It makes me proud to call this my home water. At one point a ten pound brown came up and tried to crush the rainbow Bill had on the end of his line! It was crazy cool. There just isn't much better than seeing those carnivores in true action!


  1. Matt, just returned to St. Louis. Can't believe the most proficient trout stream in the US is just 6 hrs by car from my door step. I'm hooked. (pun intended) Had a blast. Caught more fish that day than I have my entire life. And I don't have any talent...a virgin fly fisherman. Already talked to some buddies about a return trip. I'll be calling you and Jammie to set something up. Thanks for the lessons....I "big mend" in my sleep.

    see you soon,


  2. It was an epic day of fishing, without a doubt the greatest of my life. I had always wanted to go on a trip where they were practically jumping in the boat, and you made it happen. Unforgettable! My friends still don’t believe we caught a hundred trout.

    Best regards,