Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun times with the 2 weight!

I took a good client of mine, Robert and his friend John, fishing last Thursday. It was a cool, drizzly morning and the fish were more than willing to eat out flies. John fished his 6 foot 2 weight. Its an absolute blast just to see how those fish can bend that rod! Both of the guys put a hurt on the rainbows. At one point, about a 7 pound brown came up and took a swipe at the rainbow on Johns line. It was an awesome rush and the second time I've seen this behavior in the last week! Robert decided he wanted to throw some streamers for a while and so he broke out the big guns. He had plenty of action on the rod, but just couldn't get any of the real big browns to commit. We had a blast! The rain was a welcome change from the hot sun. The guys caught nearly a hundred fish! It was another fantastic day on the Little Red River!

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