Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun with Dad

So if you guys don't know, I have my dad to thank for my passion of trout and the river. I caught my first fish when I was two years old. We have fished together my whole life. Yesterday afternoon the river was running two units and the sun was shining. Not ideal streamer conditions, but we wanted to give them a whirl. I convinced dad to take his boat. I think that within our first five casts, we both had Fish On! We fished for a couple of hours and caught several nice browns. We both missed several as well. I brought in this 26 inch toad! It was such a rush to have this monster come up out of the water 4 times! He was like a baby tarpon. It was awesome! It was a real treat to get to do what I love most with my dad, catch big browns on streamers.

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  1. ohhh.... matty!! nice way to break the rainy day blues huh? wish we'd get that nice weather here!