Sunday, February 28, 2010

a few new tricks

Friday evening I got a call about guiding on Saturday. I jumped all over it! I had met Clint several times at the launch and seen him on the river, but never had the chance to fish him. We had some of the lowest water of the year. Haven't seen much of that lately. We got to fish some of my favorite drifts using regular nymphing techniques which was great. We caught fish pretty consistently all morning. We enjoyed a nice turkey sammy and a cream soda for lunch and by that time the water had caught us so we ran back up, put the boat on the trailer, and headed up river. We did some cool two unit high water fishing and caught several nice rainbows! Clint had no idea you could fish in that kind of water, so he came away with some cool new secrets for fishing on his own. We had great weather which was also a plus!


  1. That's awesome...thanks for that, Matt. Now...about gettin' you to tie me some of those San Juuaaaaaan Worms!

  2. sure Clint- send me an email @ and tell me how many you want and what colors and Ill get them tied up!