Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A snowy morning!

Yesterday morning Hays and I woke up and the ground was covered in snow. We decided it wasn't in our best interest to try to drive on the snow with the trailer, so we suited up in our waders and headed to Winkley for some early morning wading. We knew we wouldn't have long before the water caught up to us so we grabbed a handful of flies and headed out. We fished for about an hour and caught a dozen rainbows and a little brownie. Nothing huge, but the serenity of fishing in the snow with almost a foot on the banks was breathtakingly beautiful. It was certainly a cool experience and super peaceful.


  1. Matt,

    Merc checking in. Hope you are well. I am doing a blog of my own and now own a guide service up at the San Juan. Shoot me an email at merc10007@aol.com. My site and blog are at flyfishpimp.com. Let me here from you and I will link your blog to mine. Great if you would do the same.

    Michael Mercurio

    Terri says hello !!