Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shad Kill

Last Thursday to Monday, Jamie and I fished a great group of guys from St Louis. Chris also joined in for Saturday and Sunday. We fished these guys about a month ago on the Little Red and boy was it tough fishing! This time we fished them on the White River and it was sweet. We gave them a pretty good mix of throwing streamers and drifting shad flies. We fished from the Dam to Cotter and caught nice fish everywhere in between. On Sunday the shad started coming through like crazy! The birds where going wild and so were the fish! The only problem was too many boats started to put the fish down, so our bite was really off and on. The guys got into some thumper rainbows up at the Dam in the 17- 20 inch slot and some nicer browns further down river. Many of them were over 20 inches. We fished the guys hard for 5 days. It was a nice change of pace and a good time!

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