Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Beautiful Fall day

Sunday morning the sunrise was amazing! The clouds were thick and I just knew it would be an awesome day for streamers! I took my friend Frank and Robb who works for Patagonia fishing. We wanted to boat some big pumpkin brown trout, so we got the big sticks and streamer flies ready. We started out getting lots of hits and lots of action. We lost some nice fish and missed some nice fish. We had about a full generator of water running, so the hook set becomes an art in itself when throwing the big rigs. The biggest fish we saw was probably twenty five inches or better! Robb hadn't done much big streamer fishing and was eaten up with it! Around noon our clouds left us and it became almost hot! Unfortunately, it messed us up for streamers. We picked up a few nymphs for the last hour or so and did awesome. It was another Beautiful Little Red River day!

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