Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Roger's Birthday

Saturday I took two guys who fish with me often. Roger and Roger Jr. The last time I took these guys, the water was muddy and low. We had a pretty tough day. Saturday we had a great window of low water down river for the morning, then in the afternoon we ran up river and fished the falling water. Starting with the first drift these guys pounded them! We caught fish every place we fished. We had a fantastic morning and probably caught 30 fish. Being the die hards these guys are, we crammed down a sandwich in the car on the way to a different ramp, refueled, and set out after them again. I'm not too sure the fishing wasn't even better in the high water that afternoon! Big Rodger caught 5 fish in 5 casts! It was pretty unreal! Little Roger's birthday was coming up Tuesday so the trip was his birthday present and all he wanted was a brown trout! Well, he sure got one on the last drift! It was a beautiful day jammed full of action and beautiful Little Red River Fish!

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