Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Heff and Hugh

Monday, I took two guys who fish with me pretty regular. It had been a pretty rainy evening with the water a little high and stained. They wanted to chuck some big flies so we set out on our quest. I guess it was just one of those days we couldn't get them to act right! We had one fish follow before we even got started good. Hugh hooked on and lost him about 4 feet from the boat! Mike turned a big boy, but the fish wouldn't commit. We picked up the nymph rigs and crushed them. It was silly. They had fish on left and right. Hugh caught another nice little brownie and they both caught some thumper rainbows! We fished some attractor rigs and they were fish magnets. It wasn't the best streamer day, but It sure was an awesome day for some nymphing! The rain barely drizzled on us and the temperature wasn't to cold. It was a great fall day on the Little Red River!

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