Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dont stop till you get enough!

So my buddy Hays is back in town for some more brown trout action. When Hays and I fish we usually don't even bring a nymph rig with us. Solid streams and sinking Lines! We feed off each other. A nice friendly competitive day on the water. He is is town for a few days, so yesterday was kind of the practice round if you will. I let Hays have the first run. It took him a minute to get the kinks out but before long He was crushing fish. We both caught tons of fish all day. We didn't see a rainbow until the end of the day on the second to last cast! We saw some some huge fish but just couldn't get them to eat, but we sure had fun trying. We brought the ipod jam station with us and raged some cool old String Cheese. Life is good that's for sure. These are just a few of the nice fish we pulled in. Check back in later next week and I'm almost positive you'll see us holding some more hogs!

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  1. oh, glad y'all had fun. bet you are enjoying this nice weather!