Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Charles and Alan

Yesterday I took Charles and Alan fishing. They wanted to catch some big fish on streamers. The clouds where up high so the conditions seemed perfect. It took the guys a few drifts to get dialed in to the full sinking lines, but soon we were pounding the banks hard. We had some good tugs and great follows but we were having a hard time getting big fish to commit. Finally Charles pulled out a hog! A big beautiful buck with a dark orange pumpkin belly. We continued to pick up some smaller, but nice fish in the 16 inch range up until after lunch. Afterward Alan got into a few nice toads. They fished hard and were doing it right. The big browns just didn't seem to be too keen on streamers yesterday, so we picked up the nymph rods and banged out quite a few rainbows.

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