Friday, November 13, 2009

Tandem Fishing High water!

Yesterday, I took my friend Greg and his wife Melody. I take Greg all of the time but it was my first time to fish with Melody. We knew we had a few challenges in front of us due to the high water. I think it was the first cold morning we have had in a long time but it was beautiful out. We found a drift that was holding fish and stuck it to them. Melody and Greg both were catching lots of fish. We pretty much had the river to ourselves. It was so nice. For just a few minutes we threw a few streamers and Greg caught a few nice browns. We never saw any hogs so we went back to nymphing. We were fishing tandem rigs and Greg caught a fish on each fly! It was a blast. Despite the high water we continued to bang fish and it was just a great day on the Little Red River!

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