Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cole Time

So over the past few days I have had a group trip through my good friend and client Roger Cole. They had a guys weekend and did two anglers in the morning and two in the afternoon. It was a ton of fun. I had guys I had fished before and guys I had never met. I fished Tip and BG on Friday morning. We had a great window of low water and they both hammered some fish. Last time Tip had fished with me it was less than perfect conditions, so I was glad he got into them. Next I fished Matt and Bill. Neither of them had done much high water fishing and it was a little more of a challenge. They two got into some nice fish, including one nice brown Matt caught. Saturday morning, I took out Kevin and Roger Jr. Hands down they crushed them! These two guys fish with me pretty regularly and did great. They both lost some really nice browns but both also caught the nicest trout they have ever caught! Saturday afternoon I fished Ed and Jeff. Both are novice anglers and unfortunately our bite was not as hot as it was that morning. Both guys where able to get some fish to the boat and enjoy the river. We saw several eagles. Sunday morning Jeff and Big Roger came out with me. On the first or second drift, Jeff caught about a 18 inch brown. We were pumped! We continued to catch some nice fish and a couple of more browns caught by Roger. Sunday afternoon Jeff had to leave so my Dad who is a long time friend of the Cole clan joined Big Roger for some streamers. It was an awesome way to spend the weekend guiding good guys and family. A lot of memories were made for the crew and some nice fish where caught. Life doesn't get to much better than watching friends and family catch big beautiful brown trout!

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