Saturday, November 28, 2009

Farnsworth Family

Last week I had the pleasure of taking out a great client of mine, Robert Farnsworth and his family. We did a neat round robin type of deal and took out all three kids and his wife Monica. I fished each child for a couple of hours. I started out with his son Devaul. He was a natural. He caught on so fast and was yanking fish out one after another. It was his first time fishing for trout with a fly rod and you would have never guessed it! Next I took his daughter Ansley. The water rose on us and our bite slowed down a bit, but she got in her groove and caught several nice Rainbows. After lunch I took out his wife Monica and their son Miles. Monica did awesome too! The water dropped back out and she smashed on the fish. Robert was throwing some streamers and hooked a 21 inch pig and let Miles bring him in! It was a awesome day getting to help Robert share something he is so passionate about with his family. It reminded me of being a kid and my dad teaching me how to fish. It was such a rewarding day. I do not have all of the pictures yet but be looking for them soon.

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